Friday, 16 December 2016

Various Advantages of Installing a 12-Volt TV

12-volt appliances are not new to the market. They have existed ever since entertainment systems, and other lifestyle appliances became a part of the important accessories for a vehicle. People who own RVs and caravans specifically go for energy efficient 12volt appliances that provide them the comfort of their home.

Water heaters, coolers, refrigerators, TVs and air conditioners are some of the most popular categories in this segment. Many of them can be powered by different energy sources such as direct electric supply, solar power, battery, etc. making them great for anytime use.

While the 12-volt TVs used to be the preferred choice of RV and caravans owners in the past, they are gaining popularity among the people who want to install them in their homes as well. The main reason behind their popularity is their portability and energy efficiency. Some people are not even aware of the fact that these 12-volt televisions come in varying screen sizes right from 8.5 inches up to 22 inches. This means these entertainment centers do not need to be confined to the vehicles only. They are perfectly suited for household use as well. They can be easily installed in your vehicle and then dismounted and installed in your home and so on.

Many top brands such as Jensen, Naxa, Supersonic, and Haier among others sell 12-volt TVs for all of your entertainment needs. The models also come in various combinations with the option of LCD TV with a DVD, CD, MP3 player and much more. The sound and picture quality of such TVs are superb, comparable to the popular and established brands of the market.

These televisions are sturdy and durable since they are designed to withstand the vibrations and changing climatic conditions during travel. Some models can also be powered using a solar panel that means they are environment-friendly too. 12-volt TVs are not just great travel companions, you can use them at home to keep yourself company. Make sure to choose the right screen size and features instead of going for the most expensive fully-loaded model.

You can find some of the best 12-volt TVs online. It is advisable to do some research before buying one. A sufficient warranty period from the manufacturer is also something which you look at to protect your investment.

Thursday, 17 November 2016

Advantages of an Energy Efficient RV Air Conditioner

Recreation Vehicles (RV) need to have all the amenities which people have in their homes. A lot of people also use the RV as their primary living space, while most just use it during vacations or occasional road trips. Besides a water heater, DVD player, fridge, and TV, an air conditioner is an important accessory for the RV. It is the one responsible for creating a cozy temperature inside the vehicle making it comfortable to live in throughout the year.

An air conditioner can be installed in the RV or other vehicles in two ways. One is to mount it on the roof of the car and the other is to install it under-bench. Roof-mounted ACs are preferred over under-bench ones since they do not need any ventilation setup and also do not take up space inside the vehicle like the latter. Roof-mounted air conditioners are also more efficient at providing cooling or heating inside the vehicle because of being installed at the roof and able to spread fresh air in all directions.

When you want to buy an RV air conditioner, make sure that the model you choose is energy efficient. An energy efficient AC is not necessarily the most expensive or fully-loaded model. In fact, most of the popular RV air conditioners are usually available in the 12 Volt models that are affordable. Some of them also have built-in dehumidifiers.

Dehumidifiers can help keep the humidity levels in the car under control, helping you feel more comfortable inside your motorhome. It also provides a hygienic environment, since most bacteria grow under humid conditions. These are also beneficial for people having allergies. With an energy-efficient air conditioner, your RV will be cooler in a reduced amount of time and you can switch it off periodically to save battery. When you are parked at night, you can also use these to keep you comfortable while you enjoy your sleep through the night.

Make sure to choose the right model based on your needs, preferences and budget. A little bit of research done in advance can help you find the best product for your RV. You can also go online to compare the different models and brands. You should choose the product with the best features and then search the best deal amongst the different online vendors to buy an energy saving air conditioner for your RV.

Travel Often? Carry an Engel 12-volt Refrigerator on the Move!

Engel is one brand of portable refrigerators that caravan and RV owners trust immensely. Engel 12-volt refrigerators are highly popular among vehicle owners who like or need to go on long road trips, whether for pleasure or work. Engel portable fridges are able to keep your drinks cold and food items fresh. It does not drain much of your vehicle battery and can provide you exceptional cooling for long periods without any problems.

The reason behind the efficiency of Engel refrigerators is their revolutionary ‘swing–compressor’ technology. It involves only one moving part in the refrigerator and makes it less prone to problems and malfunctions. It does not have any cranks, cooling fans, or bearings. Thus, there are fewer chances of damaging the parts. It makes them practically invincible in most situations. The controls on Engel fridges are easy to work with – you just have to set the temperature limit and they are ready to go. Engel fridges are also easy on your car or caravan battery. These are sophisticated gadgets that only draw the required amount of energy.

When you are driving, you do not have to worry about the battery as it gets charged automatically. When you stop, Engel 12-volt fridges go easy on your car or RV battery due to their exceptional efficiency.

Engel 12-volt refrigerators come in many variants and they can be operated on various types of power sources. Engel fridges can run on 12-volt and mains power supply. In that case, you can operate those from the mains power supply of the caravan park. Many caravan owners also run them on solar power by connecting them to external solar panels.

All these features are a testament to the versatility of Engel 12-volt fridges. Whether you are on a camping trip or just having fun with your family and friends, Engel 12-volt fridges will not give you a chance to complain. Engel fridges are a boon for the travel lovers as it allows them to enjoy their food and drinks in the best possible state. You do not have to worry about your chocolates or beverages to getting warm. Engel 12-volt can take care of everything for you.

Why 12 Volt DVD Players Are Better Than General DVD Players

A road trip offers lots of opportunity for fun and enjoyment. At the same time, they have the potential to become extremely boring and mundane, particularly for children. Road trips can become more enjoyable and fun when listening music or watching a movie on your 12-volt DVD player. Kids get bored easily and need distractions. When they are busy watching a movie, they will not disturb you while driving.

12-volt DVD players can also be utilized for other functions. Some innovative uses require only some minor adapters or attachments. Most are just inherent benefits. These advantages actually make a 12-volt DVD player better than a regular DVD player in many ways. A few of these are explained here.

•Power Consumption: A 12-volt DVD player is far less power hungry than a traditional DVD player. You can run a portable 12-volt DVD player using your AC mains with a simple adapter.

•Usability: A portable 12-volt DVD player allows you to listen to music or watch movies while driving or just relaxing in RV. A traditional DVD player means significantly large accessories and bulkiness that makes it best suited for use in a fixed room in your home.

•Dynamic: 12-volt DVD players come with many options that can be chosen with simple menus. Numerous accessories and adapters allow a variety of use. They can act as an amplifier for your radio, or as an input for a game console. All this while on the go. You could technically get the same benefits from a regular DVD player with an inverter adapter in your car or RV, but imagine the problems of stashing it and then managing all the long cables and attachments.

•Optimization: 12-volt DVD players are usually designed for vehicles while regular DVD players are designed for homes. This means that a regular DVD player cannot be fit into a dashboard, nor are they optimized for use in a moving vehicle. 12-volt DVD players usually have some form of disc cushioning to avoid accidental skips during a bumpy ride. A regular DVD will often stop spinning or even damage the DVD being played even on a regular jerk or shake.

Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Maintenance Tips for RV Water Heaters

RV water heaters need regular maintenance so you do not face any problems when you are camping or out in the middle of nowhere. The maintenance is essential to ensure there are no sediments in the tank and any corroded parts are removed and replaced with new ones. If you are a DIY enthusiast, you can do the job yourself. However, as the maintenance if of a technical nature, it is better to hire a professional to do the work if you do not have much experience in taking apart and repairing water heaters.

There are principally two types of RV water heaters – the first made by Suburban and the second by Atwood. The primary difference is that the former’s units use an anode rod while the other’s do not. 

To begin the maintenance, first remove any warm water in the heater. Then, turn off all electricity and liquid propane gas switches, including the power switches, and then take off the power cords. If possible, turn off your RV’s batteries also. Wear protective eyewear while you are working. 

Here is how you do the maintenance of a Suburban heater: 

•Pull the pop-up safety release valve located at the top middle of the exterior panel until the pressure equalizes. Use a 1 1/16th socket to loosen the anode rod. The rod is mostly located in the bottom centre section of the RV heater unit panel on the outside of the vehicle. Pull on the pop-up switch while you unscrew the rod. Step back a bit as residue water will come out with the rod. Let the water drain out. 

•The next step is to flush the tank. You can use a flushing wand that reaches to the back of the tank and removes any debris or calcified sediments that have accumulated inside. Once the flushing is complete, slide in a new anode rod and screw it in place. Remember to put Teflon plumbing tape on the end of the anode rod so there is no leakage. Once that is done, you can put down the pressure equalizer switch.

•Then clear debris from the burner tube and chamber. To do this you need to pump in some compressed air for a second or two inside the burner tube first and then the burner chamber. Stand back as debris is likely to soil your clothes otherwise. 

•The fourth step is to clean up the area. Use a cleaner to spray the parts and wipe off the dirt and debris with a clean cloth. 

•The last step is to plug back in the power cords and put on the electric and gas switches.

The process is similar in the Atwood heaters – the primary difference is that you do not have to take out and replace the anode rod. The method of cleaning the tank is a bit different as there is no anode rod. Instead, Atwood uses a plug to seal the tank.

The heater needs a 7/8th socket for the water outlet plug. Loosen the plug first and as you screw it off, pull the pop-up safety again (as in the Suburban, you should pull it up before trying to loosen the screws for the water outlet. Doing this again as you unplug the drain outlet is a safety measure). Put in a new plug (after Teflon taping it) once you are done flushing the tank. Tighten the plug completely. Wind up your maintenance by cleaning the panel and parts with a cleaner and cloth.

The Changing Technology of the Latest Voyager Observation Systems

Rear view mirrors have their function, but one cannot deny the usefulness of rear view camera systems. Generally, these are termed as backup camera systems. However, they are essentially surveillance systems that are specifically designed for cars. A decade ago, such systems cost about $1000. Today, they have become so popular that they only cost around $100. It is due to their practicality and effectiveness that they have acquired so many satisfied users.

Many car accessory brands offer car observation systems in the market. When talking about car accessory brands, ‘Jensen’ needs no introduction. It is a forty year old company with a history of remarkable product performance. Voyager observation systems from Jensen are considered as one of the best in the industry. These are exquisite pieces of technology with excellent performance metrics. Voyager observation systems have made roads safer for everyone.

These systems have proven their ability in a number of areas. Looking back a few years, you will find that car parking and car reversing was dicey, especially in cramped spaces. The problems were much worse for RV owners. People were completely dependent on their rear-view mirrors. Accidents were commonplace largely because of a limited view. Moreover, drivers would have no idea what was in the blind spots –a child, a pet, or an inclined pavement.

But as the technology for surveillance cameras evolved, rear observation systems were created. They immediately showed how useful they were by preventing numerous accidents and mishaps. Generally, a rear observation system involves a camera and sensors that are connected to an LCD display screen. A driver can clearly see what is behind their car. If you do not have an LCD screen installed in your car then you can buy a complete Voyager car observation system. It includes an LCD monitor with a rear camera and sensors. The system runs on your car battery.

The Voyager Observation System provides a live color feed and includes many other advanced features. For instance, you can use the night vision feature in dark areas. The mirror-image feature gives you a view similar to your rear view mirror if that is what you are used to. Car observation systems are sophisticated equipment and as the prices go up, so do their features. It is easy to get carried away and go over-budget. Therefore, always list down the features you need and give a practical thought about any extras.

Monday, 20 June 2016

Checkout the Latest Voyager Observation System

Voyager systems are the best guide to have when you are travelling on a highway with so many vehicles zipping through nearby. With the finest Voyager observation cameras fitted on all sides of your truck or a car, you will have the safest and more relaxed journey.

Voyager systems were designed in a way that could best fit into heavy vehicles such as trucks to reduce the difficulty in navigating them along the crowded roads. The navigator screen on your dashboard will display clear and concise images of the blind spots that your rear-view mirrors might miss, thereby giving you a safe drive.

The Voyager features three cameras attached at various points around the vehicle.  Since the cameras are set for the day as well as the night, it shows clear, colored images of the points surrounding the vehicle. The Voyager is an excellent companion when you travel on hills with lots of bends to maneuver and also on roads filled with bumper to bumper traffic.

The Voyager observation system can be connected to any 12-volt adapter. Even to something like a cigarette lighter socket, ensuring you have the view of every single angle surrounding your car. Since the Voyager has an integrated audio speaker and a volume adjustment control, you can set the device according to your convenience.

The latest Voyager observation system, is thus, the finest and most efficient company to have, during travel. With its excellent voice control and images, you will have a proper and more rigid control on the roads, irrespective of how they are, and can navigate peacefully and with panache.

You can find some best deals on the Voyager observation systems in specified 12-volt stores. Buy the finest quality observation system, to enjoy a peaceful sojourn on the roads.

Look for Suburban RV Water Heaters

RVs are as good as the features and luxuries inside them. One of the luxuries or rather a necessity when you are going camping with your family in an RV is a water heater. Especially when you are going out in the winters, you will need the hot water for daily needs. However, while travelling to somewhere, it may prove to be hard to get hot water, especially if you are camping in the wilderness. A number of RVs are equipped with Suburban RV water heaters, designed specifically for use in RVs. Your life will be a lot easier with these heaters in place.

This particular product comes with a range of features and advantages. Some are listed below for reference:

Power source: This particular heater can run on multiple power sources. Therefore, the power source can be switched anytime from one to another. This is a primary security feature of this product, as the power related emergency will not stop the water from heating.

Temperature control: In a moving vehicle, it can become extremely dangerous, if the temperature of water goes beyond a certain limit. The Suburban RV heaters are equipped with a temperature monitoring device, which can regulate the water temperature accurately.

Life cycle of the product: Compared to other regular water heaters, Suburban RV heaters are more resistant to corrosion. Since the Suburban RV heaters have porcelain-lined tank, the hot water cannot get through to any parts that can be corroded or damaged.

Heat retention: As the water usage is not equal for everyone, it is essential to maintain the water temperature for a long duration. The insulation used in the Suburban RV heaters allows them to keep the water warm for much longer periods compared to regular water heaters.

Long-Lasting: The life of these heaters is much more than that of the regular RV heaters. Only high quality insulation and porcelain is used to make the tanks and heating apparatus, thus increasing the life of the heater.

Economical: While the Suburban RV heaters come with great features, its price is not expensive by any standards. Moreover, you also save on costs associated with using regular water heaters.

Saturday, 18 June 2016

5 Benefits of Using RV Air Conditioners

The heat of summer hinders the plans of traveling in RVs. People start looking for ways to keep themselves cool while driving and parking. One of the best options available to beat the heat inside your RV is the RV Air Conditioners. An RV Air Conditioner is a portable AC that can be installed in your vehicle to provide cooling to the RV. There are various types of RV Air Conditioners to choose from, and the choice can depend on individual requirements and preferences.

Here are the top five benefits that make RV Air Conditioners a popular choice among RVers.
1. Portability
An RV Air Conditioner is designed to be compact and portable because of its usage in vehicles. Different variants of RV ACs offer different levels of portability and suit specific vehicles. The most popular choice is a rooftop air conditioner that takes up the least space as it resides on the RV's roof. A rooftop AC can cool up to 10 x 50 feet of area.

2. Comfort
The most important advantage of an RV air conditioner is a comfort. Your RV can get unbearably hot in summer nights and make it difficult to sleep. RV air conditioning can help in such situation to help you sleep better in your RV. Moreover, RV AC provides you comfort and cooling when you are parked.

3. Cost Effectiveness
Portable RV air conditioners consume very less power, and they use electricity right from the site. You simply need to pay for the unit and need not worry about high energy consumption for operation. A Vent Free air conditioner consumes very little energy since it uses the evaporated water released in the air to chill space. Such models can save you money while offering you comfortable journey in your RV.

4. Ease of Operation
RV air conditioners are specially designed for vehicles and can be installed conveniently without special tools and expert. They are quiet at operation and keep the water out to offer a comfortable driving experience while keeping your RV cool. You need not handle the concerns associated with normal air conditioners when you have installed special portable RV AC.

5. Durability

RV air conditioners are constructed in such a way that they can withstand the effects and shocks of traveling. They feature specially designed fittings and mountings to bear the constant vibration occurring during travel. This offers a long life and functioning of the AC, and you can save yourself from frequent repairs and replacements. 

Voyager observation system to help you reach the correct destination

When you are new to a city or state, the maps are an only option to find the correct route. But, maps can become clumsy and unmanageable if you are alone on a long route. But thanks to the digital observation systems, our voyages to new destinations have become extremely easier, with their able guidance.

But, thanks to this automatic Voyager, one can now contemplate travelling on complicated roads, without worrying much about the road condition. The Voyager, when connected on to the vehicle, will give you an extended view of all four sides. This is one of the excellent discoveries, which can help the driver to tackle the tough roads, without worrying about missing out a particular vehicle coming along its side.

When you are travelling along distance, a lone driver might get weary and tired, looking at all sides, to ensure safe driving. A Voyager can be of great assistance in such circumstances. Its camera can give you a clear view of the road on four sides of the vehicle. The wide screen on the front can act as an assistant to the driver, making his navigation easier and safer.

The voyagers are wireless units that can be connected to the four sides of a vehicle, as large as a four-wheel drive or a truck. The cameras, when struck up on all sides, will relay relevant messages to the monitor and thus, can give the driver a fair idea about the road conditions.

The introduction of such safe and secure wireless systems has reduced erratic accidents and mishaps on our roads.

Thursday, 16 June 2016

3 Ways a Suburban RV Water Heater Warms You in Winter in Your Motor Home

You know that the onset of winter is around the corner as temperatures begin to drop. Going on long road and cross country trips might top your family’s priority list during winter breaks. Warmth within your motor home while on travel in the winter is a pre-requisite to enjoying your trips.

You may not be aware of it. But, a single suburban RV water heater does substantial keeps your entire motor home warm. The following are just some of the ways a suburban RV heater cozies up your home vehicle for the holidays fantastically.

A Suburban RV Water Heater Runs on a Porcelain-Lined Steel Tank

A motor home heater running on a porcelain-lined steel tank is durable. A centralized sizable steel tank holds a water heater well. A single operational source is all you need for your suburban motor home heater to run effectively all over your home vehicle.

A Replaceable Anode Rod Runs Operates Within a Porcelain-Lined Steel Tank

A porcelain-lined steel tank’s anode rod absorbs the running harsh corrosive heated water powerfully 100%. Because of this, durability stands out in every suburban RV motor home water heater.

Winter Warmth comes annually with a Suburban Heater’s Guaranteed Warranties Upon Purchase

Your entire family gets suburban heater repair support as the need arises, annually during winter road trips. Each suburban RV water heater comes with three-years and two-years limited manufacturer warranties.

Your suburban RV water heater is your family’s number one partner for a great winter adventure. Never settle for less as you stay warm in your home vehicle while on the road for the holidays. 

Know More about the Voyager Observation System

Blind spots are dangerous, especially when operating large tractors and combines. Your vision is limited, posing threats of accidents and limiting productivity. Luckily there are products like Voyager Observation System to help eliminate vision problems when driving heavy machineries.

With its high-technology, efficient features, which include pairs of wireless cameras that can connect to any 12-volt source, the Voyager Observation System offer drivers the ability to even keep an eye on the corners that they wouldn’t be able to see well otherwise. It won’t matter whether it’s day or night. The cameras can provide rear and side views, and also boast of excellent night vision so drivers can work at any time of the day.

Superior to any analog or wireless observation system available in the market today, the unit also comes with a monitor that is easy to use, so drivers won’t have a hard time figuring out how to operate the system. The LCD monitor, which can display multiple camera views at the same time, provides a sharp, uninterrupted picture so drivers can see clearly where they need to go and what’s around them. Interference won’t pose a problem as the system guarantees high-quality output.

The Voyager Observation System, which includes antennas, extension cables, and a mounting bracket, is easy to install and fits most applications. The digital wireless technology is capable of transmitting through and around objects up to 60 feet away, and can even accommodate your unique specifications. What’s more, the unit is waterproof and is made of top-of-the-line material so it would last long.

Don’t let accidents happen. Invest in your safety with a Voyager Observation System

Monday, 18 April 2016

The Engel 12 Volt Refrigerator Info: Ice Box Vs 12 Volt Refrigerator

Engel is a famous Australian brand known worldwide for its superb refrigeration solutions. The company has been providing its products to discerning customers for more than 50 years, and has built a reputation for its product quality and reliability. 

People who are into traveling swear by their Engel 12 volt fridge. The technology behind the product has evolved over the years, though its usability is as incredible now as it used to be when it was first introduced. All it needs to run is an adapter cable that connects to your car’s lighter socket. Plug it in and get the refrigerator running in a second.

The Engel 12 volt refrigerator runs on a swinging compressor, which is the only moving part in the machine. It is a state of the art internationally patented technology and the only one in the world. Customers often called it the best refrigerator compressor in the globe. 

• Engel portable freezers are light, powerful and consume low power. These are built to survive shocks and vibration.
• It has a tri-voltage technology. It can run on 12 volt dc, 24 volt dc and 120 volt dc.
• It can run on both ac and dc power modes and withstand power disruption.
• Engel compressor has no moving part except for itself. The low friction minimizes the chances of energy loss and results in more efficiency.
• Engel has been improving its compressor for over three decades and it is still evolving – means there will always be increased efficiency for consumers.
• The credibility of Engel is renowned worldwide. The name is enough for customers to make the right choice

Usability of Engel freezers is relatively high. Because of its versatility, it can be used in cars, trucks, RVs, boats, or camps anywhere in the world.

Ice Box versus 12 volt Refrigerator:
The ice box is a simple device in which food or drinks are kept cold. A bag or two of ice is put in it and the food is kept with them. This is the basic concept behind an ice box. But for an effective ice box a coat of insulation must be installed to stop the heat conduction. However, the benefits of an ice box pale in comparison to a 12 volt refrigerator. Let’s look at the benefits and features of each. 

Ice Box: The major advantage that an ice box has is that it can maintain almost a near freezing temperature. If the insulation is of good quality, then the temperature of the outside environment does not matter. Ideally, it should not be kept under the sun and it can keep food and drinks chilled for hours. It should not be opened frequently. The only disadvantage is when ice starts melting as then the water needs to be replaced quickly with ice.

12 volt Refrigerator: A 12 volt refrigerator is a portable freezing device. It cannot maintain the freezing temperature but keep things cool up to 20o C. It easily runs on your standard car battery and does not require any external power source. It is not affected by the external environment. The advantage of a refrigerator is it can work continuously for a longer period of time.

A 12 volt refrigerator and an ice box both have their perks but choosing the right one depends on your needs. If you are going on a long trip in your own vehicle, the Engle 12 volt refrigerator is the best choice for you.

Friday, 18 March 2016

Preventive Maintenance for Extending Your Portable Car Heater's Life and Usefulness

Portable car heaters are an excellent alternative heating system for your vehicle when you need a back-up. These 12-volt heaters use the cigarette lighter socket as a power source and some models can be directly attached to a battery or even the mains. Since the 12-volt car heaters do not have their own battery, they are quite compact and easy to maintain as well.

During those chilly winters, you need all the warmth you can get when you are driving. For those who are travel cross-country or do a lot of regular car-pooling, a backup heating system is almost a must. They are also excellent tools to quickly warm up the cabin of your vehicle and clear frost from windshields and lights. This is precisely why you should always keep a 12-volt portable car heater handy in your vehicle.

Portable 12-volt heaters are pretty cheap and readily available. However, if you do not want to spend on a new heater every year, it is better to know some quick tips to maintain your 12-volt heater for long-lasting performance.

Effective Ways to Extend Your Heater’s Useful Life

        Do not let the heater gather dust in your glove box. Clean off the dust and power it on every now and then to keep the internal mechanism working smoothly. The less you use your heater, the more the chances of it going dead when you need it most!

        Never connect it to any other power source for fun or to see if it works! Most 12-volt heaters are built to work only with car batteries and use the cigarette lighter socket for power. Some can be connected to other 12-volt sources like a marine battery. Few heaters come with internal inverters that allow you to connect them to the mains. Incorrect power input might cause a short circuit, possibly leading to a fire.

        Do not over-use your heater for extended periods. When you are on a long trip and have only the portable heater to provide heat for your vehicle, make sure you rest it occasionally. Usually, a high-quality portable heater will pull through for up to 6 or 7 hours, but there are chances of short circuits due to circuits overheating when used for too long.

While these heaters usually have a decent lifespan, some precautions and care tips can extend its life making it your best friend during those rides in chilly winters.

Best Place to Find the Right Voyager Observation System

Do you find it difficult to drive because you cannot see the traffic behind your vehicle clearly? Rear view mirrors only provide a part of the picture of the traffic behind you. There are blind spots which make it difficult or even impossible to know what is coming up from behind. This has occasionally resulted in your vehicle grazing cars which suddenly come from behind without you having a clue.

The answer to this problem is a Voyager Observation System. It is a rear view camera system where a camera is placed in the rear section of a vehicle. The live feed captured from this camera is constantly displayed on a small LCD screen placed near the driver. The LCD screen is powered by the car battery by plugging it into the cigarette lighter socket.

New models of Voyager Observation Systems have wireless functionality, solving the inherent problem of all wireless rear view cameras i.e. interference from other radio signals which results in poor video quality. The Voyager Wireless Observation System solves this problem by using WI Sight technology. The system locks the monitor to the camera using a digital signal so that no interference is possible from other signals. The range of the wireless signal is approximately 60 feet.

Observation systems also have security applications where the camera is discreetly installed in sheds, barns and other areas which require monitoring. Colored live video with audio is displayed on the LCD screen. The camera has an inbuilt, sensitive microphone for audio monitoring making surveillance and security monitoring easy.

Voyager Observation System is well built and also used for off-road activities. People install it in their RVs, campers, and trucks. Being weatherproof and dustproof, it works well in farm and construction environments. It has multiple applications because it gives an extra set of ‘eyes’.

Voyager Observation Systems have become popular in recent times, resulting in wide availability for interested customers. They are available in stores selling electronic items, car accessories, and security and surveillance gadgetry and equipment. Online stores and websites also stock a range of Voyager Observation Systems. Systems available on the internet are often cheaper as web sellers have fewer overhead costs. Detailed specifications and reviews make buying a smooth process. Several websites offer ratings for every model giving reasons including its pros and cons. Observation systems are a boon for vehicle drivers, farmers, and property owners.

Tips to Help You Buy a Good Portable Car Heater

Car heaters provide auxiliary heat in cold weather and almost instantly defrost the windshield. They help in making the inside of the vehicle warm and comfortable. They are a great and essential accessory for motor homes, camping trips or when working in cold conditions.

Portable car heaters come in 12-volt variety which can be directly plugged into the cigarette lighter socket. They draw power from the car battery when the vehicle engine is turned on, making it easy to drive and work in freezing temperatures. Besides providing warmth, the 12-volt heaters also help in defrosting the windows, so you don’t have to stand in the cold scraping it off. One can even procure a battery-powered heater to use when the vehicle is not in motion, useful especially when camping outdoors.

Here are some of the most important tips to keep in mind when purchasing a portable 12-volt car heater.

·     Size and Design: One should ensure that the heater’s size and design is such that it can be easily accommodated in the vehicle for continuous use. Car heaters come in ergonomic designs that make it possible to place them on the dashboard on a 360° swivel base for positioning in any direction. A power cord of sufficient length ensures that the heater can be placed in different spots in the car so that everyone benefits from heating.

·       Safety and Transportability: Features like battery guards and adjustable thermostats make 12-volt heaters safe to use within the confines of a vehicle, ensuring that the heater does not cause a fire hazard. A lightweight model with rubberized handle provides a safe grip for easy carrying. Many of them are small enough that they fit in a traveling bag while others can be placed in the glove box or even under the seat. Pick a size that will suit your requirements.

·      Features: Standard features of a high-efficiency car heater include LED power indicator and long insulated power cord. The auto safety limit switch stops heating beyond a set temperature preventing fire and untoward accidents. Some models have a built-in LED flashlight, and others come with a swing-out retractable handle allowing the heater to be used as hand-held spot defroster. Heaters have a fire-resistant high-quality plastic body and sometimes come in steel frames. Models with fans have different speed settings and have a choice of ‘heat’ and ‘fan-only’ modes, allowing them to be used as fans in the summer.