Monday, 18 April 2016

The Engel 12 Volt Refrigerator Info: Ice Box Vs 12 Volt Refrigerator

Engel is a famous Australian brand known worldwide for its superb refrigeration solutions. The company has been providing its products to discerning customers for more than 50 years, and has built a reputation for its product quality and reliability. 

People who are into traveling swear by their Engel 12 volt fridge. The technology behind the product has evolved over the years, though its usability is as incredible now as it used to be when it was first introduced. All it needs to run is an adapter cable that connects to your car’s lighter socket. Plug it in and get the refrigerator running in a second.

The Engel 12 volt refrigerator runs on a swinging compressor, which is the only moving part in the machine. It is a state of the art internationally patented technology and the only one in the world. Customers often called it the best refrigerator compressor in the globe. 

• Engel portable freezers are light, powerful and consume low power. These are built to survive shocks and vibration.
• It has a tri-voltage technology. It can run on 12 volt dc, 24 volt dc and 120 volt dc.
• It can run on both ac and dc power modes and withstand power disruption.
• Engel compressor has no moving part except for itself. The low friction minimizes the chances of energy loss and results in more efficiency.
• Engel has been improving its compressor for over three decades and it is still evolving – means there will always be increased efficiency for consumers.
• The credibility of Engel is renowned worldwide. The name is enough for customers to make the right choice

Usability of Engel freezers is relatively high. Because of its versatility, it can be used in cars, trucks, RVs, boats, or camps anywhere in the world.

Ice Box versus 12 volt Refrigerator:
The ice box is a simple device in which food or drinks are kept cold. A bag or two of ice is put in it and the food is kept with them. This is the basic concept behind an ice box. But for an effective ice box a coat of insulation must be installed to stop the heat conduction. However, the benefits of an ice box pale in comparison to a 12 volt refrigerator. Let’s look at the benefits and features of each. 

Ice Box: The major advantage that an ice box has is that it can maintain almost a near freezing temperature. If the insulation is of good quality, then the temperature of the outside environment does not matter. Ideally, it should not be kept under the sun and it can keep food and drinks chilled for hours. It should not be opened frequently. The only disadvantage is when ice starts melting as then the water needs to be replaced quickly with ice.

12 volt Refrigerator: A 12 volt refrigerator is a portable freezing device. It cannot maintain the freezing temperature but keep things cool up to 20o C. It easily runs on your standard car battery and does not require any external power source. It is not affected by the external environment. The advantage of a refrigerator is it can work continuously for a longer period of time.

A 12 volt refrigerator and an ice box both have their perks but choosing the right one depends on your needs. If you are going on a long trip in your own vehicle, the Engle 12 volt refrigerator is the best choice for you.