Thursday, 17 November 2016

Travel Often? Carry an Engel 12-volt Refrigerator on the Move!

Engel is one brand of portable refrigerators that caravan and RV owners trust immensely. Engel 12-volt refrigerators are highly popular among vehicle owners who like or need to go on long road trips, whether for pleasure or work. Engel portable fridges are able to keep your drinks cold and food items fresh. It does not drain much of your vehicle battery and can provide you exceptional cooling for long periods without any problems.

The reason behind the efficiency of Engel refrigerators is their revolutionary ‘swing–compressor’ technology. It involves only one moving part in the refrigerator and makes it less prone to problems and malfunctions. It does not have any cranks, cooling fans, or bearings. Thus, there are fewer chances of damaging the parts. It makes them practically invincible in most situations. The controls on Engel fridges are easy to work with – you just have to set the temperature limit and they are ready to go. Engel fridges are also easy on your car or caravan battery. These are sophisticated gadgets that only draw the required amount of energy.

When you are driving, you do not have to worry about the battery as it gets charged automatically. When you stop, Engel 12-volt fridges go easy on your car or RV battery due to their exceptional efficiency.

Engel 12-volt refrigerators come in many variants and they can be operated on various types of power sources. Engel fridges can run on 12-volt and mains power supply. In that case, you can operate those from the mains power supply of the caravan park. Many caravan owners also run them on solar power by connecting them to external solar panels.

All these features are a testament to the versatility of Engel 12-volt fridges. Whether you are on a camping trip or just having fun with your family and friends, Engel 12-volt fridges will not give you a chance to complain. Engel fridges are a boon for the travel lovers as it allows them to enjoy their food and drinks in the best possible state. You do not have to worry about your chocolates or beverages to getting warm. Engel 12-volt can take care of everything for you.

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