Friday, 18 March 2016

Preventive Maintenance for Extending Your Portable Car Heater's Life and Usefulness

Portable car heaters are an excellent alternative heating system for your vehicle when you need a back-up. These 12-volt heaters use the cigarette lighter socket as a power source and some models can be directly attached to a battery or even the mains. Since the 12-volt car heaters do not have their own battery, they are quite compact and easy to maintain as well.

During those chilly winters, you need all the warmth you can get when you are driving. For those who are travel cross-country or do a lot of regular car-pooling, a backup heating system is almost a must. They are also excellent tools to quickly warm up the cabin of your vehicle and clear frost from windshields and lights. This is precisely why you should always keep a 12-volt portable car heater handy in your vehicle.

Portable 12-volt heaters are pretty cheap and readily available. However, if you do not want to spend on a new heater every year, it is better to know some quick tips to maintain your 12-volt heater for long-lasting performance.

Effective Ways to Extend Your Heater’s Useful Life

        Do not let the heater gather dust in your glove box. Clean off the dust and power it on every now and then to keep the internal mechanism working smoothly. The less you use your heater, the more the chances of it going dead when you need it most!

        Never connect it to any other power source for fun or to see if it works! Most 12-volt heaters are built to work only with car batteries and use the cigarette lighter socket for power. Some can be connected to other 12-volt sources like a marine battery. Few heaters come with internal inverters that allow you to connect them to the mains. Incorrect power input might cause a short circuit, possibly leading to a fire.

        Do not over-use your heater for extended periods. When you are on a long trip and have only the portable heater to provide heat for your vehicle, make sure you rest it occasionally. Usually, a high-quality portable heater will pull through for up to 6 or 7 hours, but there are chances of short circuits due to circuits overheating when used for too long.

While these heaters usually have a decent lifespan, some precautions and care tips can extend its life making it your best friend during those rides in chilly winters.

Best Place to Find the Right Voyager Observation System

Do you find it difficult to drive because you cannot see the traffic behind your vehicle clearly? Rear view mirrors only provide a part of the picture of the traffic behind you. There are blind spots which make it difficult or even impossible to know what is coming up from behind. This has occasionally resulted in your vehicle grazing cars which suddenly come from behind without you having a clue.

The answer to this problem is a Voyager Observation System. It is a rear view camera system where a camera is placed in the rear section of a vehicle. The live feed captured from this camera is constantly displayed on a small LCD screen placed near the driver. The LCD screen is powered by the car battery by plugging it into the cigarette lighter socket.

New models of Voyager Observation Systems have wireless functionality, solving the inherent problem of all wireless rear view cameras i.e. interference from other radio signals which results in poor video quality. The Voyager Wireless Observation System solves this problem by using WI Sight technology. The system locks the monitor to the camera using a digital signal so that no interference is possible from other signals. The range of the wireless signal is approximately 60 feet.

Observation systems also have security applications where the camera is discreetly installed in sheds, barns and other areas which require monitoring. Colored live video with audio is displayed on the LCD screen. The camera has an inbuilt, sensitive microphone for audio monitoring making surveillance and security monitoring easy.

Voyager Observation System is well built and also used for off-road activities. People install it in their RVs, campers, and trucks. Being weatherproof and dustproof, it works well in farm and construction environments. It has multiple applications because it gives an extra set of ‘eyes’.

Voyager Observation Systems have become popular in recent times, resulting in wide availability for interested customers. They are available in stores selling electronic items, car accessories, and security and surveillance gadgetry and equipment. Online stores and websites also stock a range of Voyager Observation Systems. Systems available on the internet are often cheaper as web sellers have fewer overhead costs. Detailed specifications and reviews make buying a smooth process. Several websites offer ratings for every model giving reasons including its pros and cons. Observation systems are a boon for vehicle drivers, farmers, and property owners.

Tips to Help You Buy a Good Portable Car Heater

Car heaters provide auxiliary heat in cold weather and almost instantly defrost the windshield. They help in making the inside of the vehicle warm and comfortable. They are a great and essential accessory for motor homes, camping trips or when working in cold conditions.

Portable car heaters come in 12-volt variety which can be directly plugged into the cigarette lighter socket. They draw power from the car battery when the vehicle engine is turned on, making it easy to drive and work in freezing temperatures. Besides providing warmth, the 12-volt heaters also help in defrosting the windows, so you don’t have to stand in the cold scraping it off. One can even procure a battery-powered heater to use when the vehicle is not in motion, useful especially when camping outdoors.

Here are some of the most important tips to keep in mind when purchasing a portable 12-volt car heater.

·     Size and Design: One should ensure that the heater’s size and design is such that it can be easily accommodated in the vehicle for continuous use. Car heaters come in ergonomic designs that make it possible to place them on the dashboard on a 360° swivel base for positioning in any direction. A power cord of sufficient length ensures that the heater can be placed in different spots in the car so that everyone benefits from heating.

·       Safety and Transportability: Features like battery guards and adjustable thermostats make 12-volt heaters safe to use within the confines of a vehicle, ensuring that the heater does not cause a fire hazard. A lightweight model with rubberized handle provides a safe grip for easy carrying. Many of them are small enough that they fit in a traveling bag while others can be placed in the glove box or even under the seat. Pick a size that will suit your requirements.

·      Features: Standard features of a high-efficiency car heater include LED power indicator and long insulated power cord. The auto safety limit switch stops heating beyond a set temperature preventing fire and untoward accidents. Some models have a built-in LED flashlight, and others come with a swing-out retractable handle allowing the heater to be used as hand-held spot defroster. Heaters have a fire-resistant high-quality plastic body and sometimes come in steel frames. Models with fans have different speed settings and have a choice of ‘heat’ and ‘fan-only’ modes, allowing them to be used as fans in the summer.