Friday, 18 March 2016

Preventive Maintenance for Extending Your Portable Car Heater's Life and Usefulness

Portable car heaters are an excellent alternative heating system for your vehicle when you need a back-up. These 12-volt heaters use the cigarette lighter socket as a power source and some models can be directly attached to a battery or even the mains. Since the 12-volt car heaters do not have their own battery, they are quite compact and easy to maintain as well.

During those chilly winters, you need all the warmth you can get when you are driving. For those who are travel cross-country or do a lot of regular car-pooling, a backup heating system is almost a must. They are also excellent tools to quickly warm up the cabin of your vehicle and clear frost from windshields and lights. This is precisely why you should always keep a 12-volt portable car heater handy in your vehicle.

Portable 12-volt heaters are pretty cheap and readily available. However, if you do not want to spend on a new heater every year, it is better to know some quick tips to maintain your 12-volt heater for long-lasting performance.

Effective Ways to Extend Your Heater’s Useful Life

        Do not let the heater gather dust in your glove box. Clean off the dust and power it on every now and then to keep the internal mechanism working smoothly. The less you use your heater, the more the chances of it going dead when you need it most!

        Never connect it to any other power source for fun or to see if it works! Most 12-volt heaters are built to work only with car batteries and use the cigarette lighter socket for power. Some can be connected to other 12-volt sources like a marine battery. Few heaters come with internal inverters that allow you to connect them to the mains. Incorrect power input might cause a short circuit, possibly leading to a fire.

        Do not over-use your heater for extended periods. When you are on a long trip and have only the portable heater to provide heat for your vehicle, make sure you rest it occasionally. Usually, a high-quality portable heater will pull through for up to 6 or 7 hours, but there are chances of short circuits due to circuits overheating when used for too long.

While these heaters usually have a decent lifespan, some precautions and care tips can extend its life making it your best friend during those rides in chilly winters.

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