Thursday, 17 November 2016

Advantages of an Energy Efficient RV Air Conditioner

Recreation Vehicles (RV) need to have all the amenities which people have in their homes. A lot of people also use the RV as their primary living space, while most just use it during vacations or occasional road trips. Besides a water heater, DVD player, fridge, and TV, an air conditioner is an important accessory for the RV. It is the one responsible for creating a cozy temperature inside the vehicle making it comfortable to live in throughout the year.

An air conditioner can be installed in the RV or other vehicles in two ways. One is to mount it on the roof of the car and the other is to install it under-bench. Roof-mounted ACs are preferred over under-bench ones since they do not need any ventilation setup and also do not take up space inside the vehicle like the latter. Roof-mounted air conditioners are also more efficient at providing cooling or heating inside the vehicle because of being installed at the roof and able to spread fresh air in all directions.

When you want to buy an RV air conditioner, make sure that the model you choose is energy efficient. An energy efficient AC is not necessarily the most expensive or fully-loaded model. In fact, most of the popular RV air conditioners are usually available in the 12 Volt models that are affordable. Some of them also have built-in dehumidifiers.

Dehumidifiers can help keep the humidity levels in the car under control, helping you feel more comfortable inside your motorhome. It also provides a hygienic environment, since most bacteria grow under humid conditions. These are also beneficial for people having allergies. With an energy-efficient air conditioner, your RV will be cooler in a reduced amount of time and you can switch it off periodically to save battery. When you are parked at night, you can also use these to keep you comfortable while you enjoy your sleep through the night.

Make sure to choose the right model based on your needs, preferences and budget. A little bit of research done in advance can help you find the best product for your RV. You can also go online to compare the different models and brands. You should choose the product with the best features and then search the best deal amongst the different online vendors to buy an energy saving air conditioner for your RV.

Travel Often? Carry an Engel 12-volt Refrigerator on the Move!

Engel is one brand of portable refrigerators that caravan and RV owners trust immensely. Engel 12-volt refrigerators are highly popular among vehicle owners who like or need to go on long road trips, whether for pleasure or work. Engel portable fridges are able to keep your drinks cold and food items fresh. It does not drain much of your vehicle battery and can provide you exceptional cooling for long periods without any problems.

The reason behind the efficiency of Engel refrigerators is their revolutionary ‘swing–compressor’ technology. It involves only one moving part in the refrigerator and makes it less prone to problems and malfunctions. It does not have any cranks, cooling fans, or bearings. Thus, there are fewer chances of damaging the parts. It makes them practically invincible in most situations. The controls on Engel fridges are easy to work with – you just have to set the temperature limit and they are ready to go. Engel fridges are also easy on your car or caravan battery. These are sophisticated gadgets that only draw the required amount of energy.

When you are driving, you do not have to worry about the battery as it gets charged automatically. When you stop, Engel 12-volt fridges go easy on your car or RV battery due to their exceptional efficiency.

Engel 12-volt refrigerators come in many variants and they can be operated on various types of power sources. Engel fridges can run on 12-volt and mains power supply. In that case, you can operate those from the mains power supply of the caravan park. Many caravan owners also run them on solar power by connecting them to external solar panels.

All these features are a testament to the versatility of Engel 12-volt fridges. Whether you are on a camping trip or just having fun with your family and friends, Engel 12-volt fridges will not give you a chance to complain. Engel fridges are a boon for the travel lovers as it allows them to enjoy their food and drinks in the best possible state. You do not have to worry about your chocolates or beverages to getting warm. Engel 12-volt can take care of everything for you.

Why 12 Volt DVD Players Are Better Than General DVD Players

A road trip offers lots of opportunity for fun and enjoyment. At the same time, they have the potential to become extremely boring and mundane, particularly for children. Road trips can become more enjoyable and fun when listening music or watching a movie on your 12-volt DVD player. Kids get bored easily and need distractions. When they are busy watching a movie, they will not disturb you while driving.

12-volt DVD players can also be utilized for other functions. Some innovative uses require only some minor adapters or attachments. Most are just inherent benefits. These advantages actually make a 12-volt DVD player better than a regular DVD player in many ways. A few of these are explained here.

•Power Consumption: A 12-volt DVD player is far less power hungry than a traditional DVD player. You can run a portable 12-volt DVD player using your AC mains with a simple adapter.

•Usability: A portable 12-volt DVD player allows you to listen to music or watch movies while driving or just relaxing in RV. A traditional DVD player means significantly large accessories and bulkiness that makes it best suited for use in a fixed room in your home.

•Dynamic: 12-volt DVD players come with many options that can be chosen with simple menus. Numerous accessories and adapters allow a variety of use. They can act as an amplifier for your radio, or as an input for a game console. All this while on the go. You could technically get the same benefits from a regular DVD player with an inverter adapter in your car or RV, but imagine the problems of stashing it and then managing all the long cables and attachments.

•Optimization: 12-volt DVD players are usually designed for vehicles while regular DVD players are designed for homes. This means that a regular DVD player cannot be fit into a dashboard, nor are they optimized for use in a moving vehicle. 12-volt DVD players usually have some form of disc cushioning to avoid accidental skips during a bumpy ride. A regular DVD will often stop spinning or even damage the DVD being played even on a regular jerk or shake.

Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Maintenance Tips for RV Water Heaters

RV water heaters need regular maintenance so you do not face any problems when you are camping or out in the middle of nowhere. The maintenance is essential to ensure there are no sediments in the tank and any corroded parts are removed and replaced with new ones. If you are a DIY enthusiast, you can do the job yourself. However, as the maintenance if of a technical nature, it is better to hire a professional to do the work if you do not have much experience in taking apart and repairing water heaters.

There are principally two types of RV water heaters – the first made by Suburban and the second by Atwood. The primary difference is that the former’s units use an anode rod while the other’s do not. 

To begin the maintenance, first remove any warm water in the heater. Then, turn off all electricity and liquid propane gas switches, including the power switches, and then take off the power cords. If possible, turn off your RV’s batteries also. Wear protective eyewear while you are working. 

Here is how you do the maintenance of a Suburban heater: 

•Pull the pop-up safety release valve located at the top middle of the exterior panel until the pressure equalizes. Use a 1 1/16th socket to loosen the anode rod. The rod is mostly located in the bottom centre section of the RV heater unit panel on the outside of the vehicle. Pull on the pop-up switch while you unscrew the rod. Step back a bit as residue water will come out with the rod. Let the water drain out. 

•The next step is to flush the tank. You can use a flushing wand that reaches to the back of the tank and removes any debris or calcified sediments that have accumulated inside. Once the flushing is complete, slide in a new anode rod and screw it in place. Remember to put Teflon plumbing tape on the end of the anode rod so there is no leakage. Once that is done, you can put down the pressure equalizer switch.

•Then clear debris from the burner tube and chamber. To do this you need to pump in some compressed air for a second or two inside the burner tube first and then the burner chamber. Stand back as debris is likely to soil your clothes otherwise. 

•The fourth step is to clean up the area. Use a cleaner to spray the parts and wipe off the dirt and debris with a clean cloth. 

•The last step is to plug back in the power cords and put on the electric and gas switches.

The process is similar in the Atwood heaters – the primary difference is that you do not have to take out and replace the anode rod. The method of cleaning the tank is a bit different as there is no anode rod. Instead, Atwood uses a plug to seal the tank.

The heater needs a 7/8th socket for the water outlet plug. Loosen the plug first and as you screw it off, pull the pop-up safety again (as in the Suburban, you should pull it up before trying to loosen the screws for the water outlet. Doing this again as you unplug the drain outlet is a safety measure). Put in a new plug (after Teflon taping it) once you are done flushing the tank. Tighten the plug completely. Wind up your maintenance by cleaning the panel and parts with a cleaner and cloth.

The Changing Technology of the Latest Voyager Observation Systems

Rear view mirrors have their function, but one cannot deny the usefulness of rear view camera systems. Generally, these are termed as backup camera systems. However, they are essentially surveillance systems that are specifically designed for cars. A decade ago, such systems cost about $1000. Today, they have become so popular that they only cost around $100. It is due to their practicality and effectiveness that they have acquired so many satisfied users.

Many car accessory brands offer car observation systems in the market. When talking about car accessory brands, ‘Jensen’ needs no introduction. It is a forty year old company with a history of remarkable product performance. Voyager observation systems from Jensen are considered as one of the best in the industry. These are exquisite pieces of technology with excellent performance metrics. Voyager observation systems have made roads safer for everyone.

These systems have proven their ability in a number of areas. Looking back a few years, you will find that car parking and car reversing was dicey, especially in cramped spaces. The problems were much worse for RV owners. People were completely dependent on their rear-view mirrors. Accidents were commonplace largely because of a limited view. Moreover, drivers would have no idea what was in the blind spots –a child, a pet, or an inclined pavement.

But as the technology for surveillance cameras evolved, rear observation systems were created. They immediately showed how useful they were by preventing numerous accidents and mishaps. Generally, a rear observation system involves a camera and sensors that are connected to an LCD display screen. A driver can clearly see what is behind their car. If you do not have an LCD screen installed in your car then you can buy a complete Voyager car observation system. It includes an LCD monitor with a rear camera and sensors. The system runs on your car battery.

The Voyager Observation System provides a live color feed and includes many other advanced features. For instance, you can use the night vision feature in dark areas. The mirror-image feature gives you a view similar to your rear view mirror if that is what you are used to. Car observation systems are sophisticated equipment and as the prices go up, so do their features. It is easy to get carried away and go over-budget. Therefore, always list down the features you need and give a practical thought about any extras.