Thursday, 17 November 2016

Why 12 Volt DVD Players Are Better Than General DVD Players

A road trip offers lots of opportunity for fun and enjoyment. At the same time, they have the potential to become extremely boring and mundane, particularly for children. Road trips can become more enjoyable and fun when listening music or watching a movie on your 12-volt DVD player. Kids get bored easily and need distractions. When they are busy watching a movie, they will not disturb you while driving.

12-volt DVD players can also be utilized for other functions. Some innovative uses require only some minor adapters or attachments. Most are just inherent benefits. These advantages actually make a 12-volt DVD player better than a regular DVD player in many ways. A few of these are explained here.

•Power Consumption: A 12-volt DVD player is far less power hungry than a traditional DVD player. You can run a portable 12-volt DVD player using your AC mains with a simple adapter.

•Usability: A portable 12-volt DVD player allows you to listen to music or watch movies while driving or just relaxing in RV. A traditional DVD player means significantly large accessories and bulkiness that makes it best suited for use in a fixed room in your home.

•Dynamic: 12-volt DVD players come with many options that can be chosen with simple menus. Numerous accessories and adapters allow a variety of use. They can act as an amplifier for your radio, or as an input for a game console. All this while on the go. You could technically get the same benefits from a regular DVD player with an inverter adapter in your car or RV, but imagine the problems of stashing it and then managing all the long cables and attachments.

•Optimization: 12-volt DVD players are usually designed for vehicles while regular DVD players are designed for homes. This means that a regular DVD player cannot be fit into a dashboard, nor are they optimized for use in a moving vehicle. 12-volt DVD players usually have some form of disc cushioning to avoid accidental skips during a bumpy ride. A regular DVD will often stop spinning or even damage the DVD being played even on a regular jerk or shake.

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