Thursday, 16 February 2017

The Insider's Guide for Purchasing a 12-Volt Heater

Portable car heaters are small appliances that can make life on the move really comfortable. Different people have their own needs and use RV heaters for varied purposes. Many of them use a 12-Volt heater when the engine is running. Some people also use their 12-Volt heater to defrost the windshields while the others heat up the interiors before hitting the road. In each of the latter cases, the heater runs on the car battery since the engine is usually not running. This can drain the battery rapidly which is also the reason you must choose the right 12-Volt heater for your needs.

There are two main types of 12-Volt heaters–convective and radiative.

Convective heaters heat up the surrounding air. The heated air rises up and is replaced by cooler air from near the roof or the vents in the vehicle. This follows a simple law of physics–hot air is lighter than cold air. Consequently, a small current is set up that continues until it the ambient temperature reaches the set value. These heaters work best in vehicles that are sealed up. These can be incredibly effective in cold weather and even manage to melt ice off the windshield.

Radiative heaters emit infrared radiation, which is essentially hot. This warms up the objects that are close to them. These heaters do not work by heating up the air inside the car. Instead, they heat up objects such as car seats. They obviously heat the air immediately in front of them as well, but no real convection current is established. Radiative heaters work best in poorly-insulated vehicles. However, these 12-Volt heaters are somewhat of a fire hazard. Their heating elements pose a risk of combusting in an enclosed space like that of a car. Most reputed brands come with auto-cut offs and other protection systems. But not every system is completely foolproof.

Unlike factory systems, the 12-Volt heaters start generating heat the moment you turn them on. It is important to choose the right brand and model for your needs. You need to do a little research before you actually purchase one. You can go online to find the latest models of 12-Volt heaters that are well-suited for your needs. Read up on the customer reviews to choose a few models for consideration. The next step is to compare the prices and choose a seller and product that gives you the best deal.