Monday, 15 May 2017

RV Air Conditioners - The Importance of Venting

Summers are intended to be spent outdoors enjoying the fun activities that winter prohibits.  Your RV would be the go-to vehicle for those long trips to exotic locations. Keeping the insides cool will help to make the journey more pleasurable. RV air conditioners do the task efficiently, during a trip in the hottest months of the year, keeping the interiors nice and cool.  Here is the lowdown on RV air conditioners and the importance of vents.

Rooftop air conditioners to beat the heat
The Freon in roof top air conditioners keep the interiors of RVs cool, taking the heat out the spaces in 15K BTUs or more. This highly efficient roof top units ensure that the interiors are cooled swiftly, and maintain the temperature at very healthy levels. One of the notable features of air conditioners from reputed manufacturers is the fact that they do not deplete the ozone layer. Quick installation and maintenance of the air conditioners makes it a breeze to have them on board.

Why vents are necessary in portable RV air conditioners
Vents serve the function of carting the heat out of the interiors the air conditioners cool. The BTU or British Thermal Unit that is used to measure the performance of an air conditioner explains its role better. BTU is the value, the quantity of heat that is taken out of a room or space per hour. The cooling process, therefore is linked to the hot air which spread out. And this is achieved through vents. This makes vents one of the important components of RV air conditioners. Choose an RV air conditioner where the venting system is efficient and integrated smoothly into the whole unit.

Copper tubing and silicone coating to increase efficiency

Reputed manufacturers rely on increased copper tubing to improve the efficiency of cooling in spaces. The extent of copper tubing in evaporator and condenser coils in RV air conditioners determines the effectiveness of cooling. Similarly, efficient models of air conditioners rely on silicone coating to improve the air flow. Streamlined, efficient and controlled air flow help to improve the cooling efficiency of RV air conditioners.

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