Monday, 15 May 2017

Looking to Buy a 12-Volt Heater?

If you are fond of traveling and are on the road for a major part of the year, you must consider getting a 12-Volt heater in your vehicle. It makes your travel experience comfortable even when it is freezing outside. It provides you with one of the comforts of your home making traveling great even if you are traveling with your family. There are two main types of 12-Volt heaters in the market convective and radiating. Here are the factors you must consider when you are looking to buy a 12-Volt heater.

Convective Heaters:

•The convective heaters are oil-filled heaters and work on the principle of convection. They transfer heat to the surrounding air in the vehicle. As the air get heated, the hot air rises, and cols air takes its place being dense. And, the process continues. This process continues until the temperature of the air inside the vehicle reaches a certain level of uniformity.

•You can use them to heat the car, specifically the air in the car, when the engine is running. If you plan to keep the heater on even when the engine is off, the convective heater is not the right choice for you.

•When you start the car, a convective heater can help you defrost the windshield. You can also keep your engine running and switch on the heater to heat up the car before driving it. The convective heaters are safe to use in cars, RVs, trucks, caravans, etc. These are best for vehicles that are tightly sealed up.

Radiating Heaters:

•Radiative heaters use heating elements to emit infrared radiations. When the infrared radiation hits the surface of the objects within the vicinity of the heater, it heats up. 

•These heaters do not warm up the surrounding air but work great to warm up objects in a vehicle. They can be especially helpful in heating up the car seats and the interior of the car.

•Even in poorly insulated vehicles and environments, radiative heaters can provide sufficient heating to make people feel comfortable and warm. The heating elements in radiative heaters pose a potential risk of combustion making them unsuitable for use in confined spaces.

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